Listening, Caring, and Working For Chandler


Ruth was born in Alabama and raised in Maryland.  The daughter of an Army officer she has a great love for our country.  She is one of 10 children. (9 girls) she moved to Arizona, the east valley, when she was 26.  After her marriage to Gordon Jones, they planned to raise their family here.  They were blessed with 2 children and then chose to adopt 4 more.  At this point their journey took a turn.  Their oldest son was diagnosed with cancer and they moved to Nebraska, Texas, and finally Utah in search of treatment.  5 years ago, when he was 17 Joshua passed away.  His impact on the community is what inspired Ruth to become involved in local government.  After his death the family chose to move back to the valley to be a support to Gordon’s parents and settled here in Chandler to be close to Gordon’s siblings.

Ruth is a survivor of Breast Cancer.  She spent 9 years advocating for her son and was in treatment herself when he reoccurred.  She is no stranger to hard work and pushing through adversity.  She is active in her church and community.

Ruth began her career as a Network Analyst for the National Security Agency.  She delved into marketing and business and has spent the last 20 years focusing on finance.  After a life-changing event caused her to choose to get into city government she spent 2 ½ years on the planning commission and another year and a half working on transit-oriented development.  She also worked on form-based code for the city she was living in.  These unique opportunities gave her a keen insight into city planning and development.  The daughter of an army officer, Ruth has been grounded in service and was raised to serve with honor and focus.  She believes in planning and setting goals.  Ruth brings her values to all the projects she undertakes and it is these skills that will allow her to plan for our city’s future and meet our current needs.