Ruth Jones for Chandler Mayor. My goal is to bring Chandler into the future with a clear plan that will provide for all citizens.


Our city is in a crisis.  We are short more than 150 officers currently.  That figure doesn’t account for growth and is based on the national recommended average.  We also have 82 officers vested in retirement that could retire at any time.  Our officers work overtime regularly and don’t get advanced training because they can not be spared from the regular beat.   We risk burn out and these officers feel unappreciated.  This should be our highest priority going forward to bring that number up and get them support and adequate training.   No city today is safe without these fearless men and women and they need to know we see their hard work and dedication to our city.


We need to have a vision that will accommodate our current citizens.  Roads, police, and first responders should be a priority.  Where we allow this development is also important.  We need to look at the city as a whole and not focus on only one area during this time.   Without this vision we risk descending into chaos and our future will be plagued by traffic nightmares and crime taking hold in every neighborhood.


The most important member of any city is its children. They represent our future and why we want our city to succeed. If our children are not safe we all suffer. Every child has unlimited potential. To thrive they need an environment that is free of drugs and crime. Too many of our children spend their day just trying to survive and can’t focus on crucial learning. Every school in our city should be safe. Every neighborhood should be a place where they can play in the park or in their own front yard without fear.


I have had the privilege of living all across this country and Chandler is one of the most diverse cities I have lived in. What makes Chandler unique is the culture that comes with the diversity we welcome here. As we blend our individual experiences we become stronger together. I believe that every citizen of our fine city should be safe and welcome. We need to protect every member of our community and remember that our differences are needed and should be respected.


Because we are a large city we need to have good relations with our neighbors and work together as we help each other.  It is important to remember that we are not an island and must coexist with these cities. The success of our neighbors is a collective win, a rising tide raises all shores.

Ruth Jones

To bring Chandler into the future with a clear plan that will provide for all citizens.